​​Create a purpose drivenLife and Business

Live life on your terms, fulfill your potential, grow your business and make a positive difference to others.

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People run businesses and not the other way around

Regardless of your business size or the size you are envisioning, it is the “YOU” behind the business that will shape the success and impact of that business…. So then, if you are an entrepreneur, sole trader, company or organization, or you’re looking to get started, I am interested in supporting you to develop the full potential of your venture.

Why should you work with me? 

I successfully and profitably entered the world of entrepreneurship age twenty-one whilst still holding down a demanding full-time job. Twenty-five years later, I am an experienced entrepreneur and coach-consultant with a variety of ventures under my belt – one who understands both failure and success. I understand first-hand the ins and outs of:

  • recognizing and seizing overlooked opportunities
  • growing into complimentary areas
  • transforming and evolving
  • staying committed and optimistic in difficult periods
  • getting big results by ​making small strategic changes
  • remaining laser focused on INCOME PRODUCING RESULTS

I am committed to you succeeding exponentially for the simple but profound reason that I am purpose led and purpose centered. When with my support you realize your dreams and aspirations, I in turn fulfill my purpose. 


​My commitment to your success is further backed ​by signed and binding guarantees, with milestone goals for your peace of mind. I guarantee results full stop.

​Who Do ​I work with​? 

I support and partner with individuals and legal entities worldwide in multiple industries and sectors, who are about empowering and transforming the lives of others through the work they do. ​

A combination of education + training + 25 years experience of entrepreneurship + natural gifting and aptitudes, equips and allows me to use my skills as a strategist and creative visionary, to help you grow, restructure and or expand your reach and influence globally.

​Show me what you can do now, and I will show you how to profitably improve, ​multiply and diversify it.

​What to expect working with me

I do not believe in gimmicks and fluff so will cut straight to the heart of the issues you need to get on top of today.

During our first chat you and I will establish if we are able to work together. Not everyone can work together and not everyone should. Life is too short to not be happy, right?

If we are a good fit, we’ll get straight into making amazing things happen.

My expertise lies in short term profit boosting activities and long term sustainable results. You can expect me to:

  • identify quickly where you are leaving readily accessible money on the table
  • identify overlooked areas for development or monetization
  • take your existing ideas and make them much bigger
  • put together detailed transformational suggestions and solutions for long term growth and sustainable profit increase.

Let’s explore how we can do amazing things together.

​Coach Tee Archer has been an inspiration and a sounding board for me for over 10 years. I find her to be a no nonsense person who tells you the way it is, but does so with compassion. She is very caring, and a very good listener who gives sound advice. I always come off a call with her feeling encouraged and motivated. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a coach.

​Tanya Wilson

​Early Childhood Teacher

​What I find amazing is Tee’s vision and commitment. She saw so many possibilities in every idea I shared with her. Within minutes of a conversation she ha​d m​e seeing angles for my business that I had completely overlooked. The six-month spent coaching with Tee she was fully committed to my success and my business has grown more in a year than it did in five years. She’s the only coach I would work with again.

​Marcus McNeish ​Company Director

Coach Tee has been ​coaching me since 2007. She has made such a difference in my life it would not be possible to tell it all in a testimonial. She is 100% present whenever I am talking. She is so tuned in that she knows ​what I am feeling, and she shares her own experience which makes me more willing to ​share. I can always rely on her to be very straightforward and very helpful. You won’t find a better coach or consultant; she puts her heart in everything she does.

​Lacey Smith ​Small Business Owner